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Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)

Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)
Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)
Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)
Предварителна поръчка
Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)
Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)
Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)
Radzikone Lift 4 "Kit for Suzuki Grand Vitara I (1998-2005)

Full kit description

The stock Grand Vitara I is not very good off-road.
With the mounted set, not only the ground clearance is increased by 10cm,
but also the whole performance characteristics of the suspension change:

At the front, together with the Lift, the entire range of shock absorbers shifts, which additionally have increased damping force.
This, combined with better spring characteristics, improves suspension performance and comfort.
The most important thing, however, is to significantly increase the car's range and off-road capabilities.
Innovative front wishbones are further away from the ground than the original arms for added ground clearance. They also move the wheels forward so that if you trim the lower edge of the front bumper, you can fit larger wheels.
Without the need to undercut the sill or the fender, tires up to 30 "(we recommend 235 / 70R16 and 245 / 70R16) are suitable.
For mounting tires larger than the original, more offset rims with ET -15 or ET -25 are required.
For original tires, the minimum offset of the rims is ET +5 (e.g. in some GV I 1.6 16v rims should be replaced with ET +28 for ET +5 or smaller).
Also available in the "GVK" version with front wishbones for 32 "and 33" wheels (extra charge PLN 100

Longer springs significantly improve suspension performance and comfort. No
wrong angle of the front wheels, ie "Tatra effect."

At the rear, gas shock absorbers 11cm longer (6cm more travel) increase the contours beyond recognition.

There are two types of rear shock absorbers to choose from:

  • Standard rear shock absorbers - riding for one or two people or if you drive calmly, you like comfort and convenience.
  • Harder rear shock absorbers - driving for three to five people or if you like a sharp driving style and a more sporty character of the car.

To sum up:
the Grand Vitara I with the Radzikone 10cm Lift is confident, more comfortable, and the off-road capabilities increase beyond recognition.

An additional advantage is that it is much cheaper to use than in a car with serial suspension, thanks to replaceable rocker pins.
Any future work on the front suspension and drivetrain is several times faster, easier and cheaper.

Set contains:

  • Detailed assembly instructions

  • Front springs
  • Polyurethane upper front spring seats
  • Kayaba Ultra SR front shocks
  • Front shock absorber spacers with shock absorber pads
  • Original strut mountings
  • Front fender spacers
  • Lowering the front axle
  • Front suspension arms
  • Polyurethane front spring lower seats
  • Front wishbone polyurethane bushings
  • Control Arm Pins 555 SB-7542
  • Front left drive shaft spacer
  • Turn limiters
  • Worm clamps (32-50mm 9mm W2)
  • TRW JTE490 tie rod ends
  • Tie rod adapters with nuts

  • Rear shaft spacer (only GV I 3d)
  • Rear springs
  • Polyurethane upper rear spring seats
  • Kayaba rear shocks
  • "Panhard" rear control arm spacer
  • Rear brake hose with cover
  • Zippers
  • Hose for bleeding the rear axle
  • Worm clamps (8-12mm 9mm W2)

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